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BL v1.2.0a - 29 Sep 2009

We've discovered and fixed a few bugs in Booster Logic, mostly in Booster. We also found a small problem with high scores tracking, and the replays that we automatically save -- so if you have any interest in challenging your best times and scores, be sure to download this patch.

This patch is multiplayer compatible with the base 1.2.0 release.

Download v1.2.0a for Windows (16MB)

Download v1.2.0a for OSX (19MB)

Download v1.2.0a for Linux (17MB)

We're using a new installer for the Windows version. If you had installed a previous version, please uninstall before upgrading.

Ta-dah! New version of Booster Logic! 1.2.0, better than ever! - 20 May 2009

We've revamped the game, menus and story! Previously, you'd just start the game up and play some levels. Now, we've integrated the story into the gameplay, revealing fun and interesting details as you go. Booster and Logic are robots in a testing program. They each keep a journal as they engage in their testing, and insight into their life (do robots live?) is revealed as you progress through the game. They also get a day off for vacation each week, and we had fun sending them on adventures. They'll write about these adventures and bring pictures back for your enjoyment!

On the multiplayer side of things, Booster now has a master server! What's that mean for you? Well, you can now start up a multiplayer game and have people join it, hassle free! We've got some nifty port punchthrough going on, so you shouldn't have to touch your router to get the multiplayer working!

Download v1.2.0 for Windows (16MB)

Download v1.2.0 for OSX (18MB)

Download v1.2.0 for Linux (17MB)

We're using a new installer for the Windows version. If you had installed a previous version, please uninstall before upgrading.

Final Beta Released, v1.2.0b10! - 16 Apr 2009

The latest version of Booster Logic is nearly complete! All that's needed is a bit of testing, so go ahead and download beta 10 and let us know if you find any problems!

Download v1.2.0b10 for Windows (16MB)

Download v1.2.0b10 for OSX (18MB)

Download v1.2.0b10 for Linux (17MB)

We'll be doing some multiplayer sessions, so keep an eye on the forums to find out when they are!

New Beta Released, v1.2.0b7! - 17 Jan 2009

We've just released a new beta of the next version of Booster Logic. The biggest thing this version includes is support for our master server to track multiplayer games. Try it out, create an internet game, see if you can find any problems listing games, and make sure you can see other people's games. Obviously this may be difficult in some cases, as there aren't many servers running at the moment.

The master server requires outbound connections on UDP ports 2000-2003, and hosting a multiplayer game requires incoming connections on UDP port 6400.

Download v1.2.0b7 for Windows (16MB)

Download v1.2.0b7a for OSX (18MB)

Download v1.2.0b7 for Linux (17MB)

The OSX version was having trouble communicating with the master server. We have updated it to v1.2.0b7a to fix this issue.

An Amazing Creation - 30 Aug 2008

Our friend Jessie, who has been graciously upgrading Booster Logic's menu art, just presented a life-sized Charr plushie to the staff of ArenaNet at PAX today! The Charr are a race of cat-like creatures from the online game Guild Wars, made by ANet.

She spent quite a while designing and creating this guy in her spare time outside of her regular job, and you can read all about it on her project's blog page.

Check out these pics of Tim the Charr!

Something's coming.. what is it?

AAH! It's a Charr!

I think he sees us.. gotta go!

1.2 Booster Logic Beta - 31 July 2008

We've been working hard on a new version of Booster Logic, and we're finally able to show you our latest update! It's available in all three flavors:

• Windows


• Linux

We've updated the look of the menu!

Play levels through the day planner!

We've added some plot to the game! Booster and Logic are advanced prototype robots being tested in a dangerous facility, but now they've been instructed to write about their experiences each night. You'll get to read their journal entries as you play the game.

Yes, that is a trophy you see!

You can earn trophies by completing certain objectives. One of the Booster objectives is to collect all pellets in all the hours in a day. One of Logic's is to complete each Basic difficulty hour on a day within the target step count. Collect trophies to unlock new journal messages and pictures Booster and Logic have taken while on vacation!

Updated tutorial!

Now, this release is only a beta version, so if you find any issues please post about it in this thread on our forums. Look for the full release soon!

IGF Entry - 16 Oct 2007

It's official, we're an entrant in the 2008 IGF! See our entry here, and a list of all the competitors here.

There are a lot of great looking games this year. If you find an interesting one, why don't you post about it in our forum?

Version 1.1.5 Released - 24 Aug 2007

The latest release of Booster Logic, version 1.1.5, features numerous Booster multiplayer improvements, hard modes for both Logic bonus packs, and a new bonus pack for both Booster and Logic! We've added a tutorial, to ease new players into the game a little more smoothly, and to introduce some advanced tricks to the more experienced players. Previously Logic was given quick saving, and now we've added save points to Booster, so you can keep your progress after getting through a tough part of a level. And, to reduce wear and tear on your keyboard, we've added native gamepad support to the game.

You can view the full release notes here.

Progress Notes - 14 June 2007

Version 1.1.5 is nearing completion! The new version will include networking improvements, including various configuration options so you can play Booster the way you want to play it. Booster and Logic have had various graphical improvements, including completely new floors and walls. We're also adding a tutorial, so new players will have an easy introduction to the game and its various elements.

Look for the new version in July!

Version 1.1.4 Released - 05 Oct 2006

We've updated Booster Logic to version 1.1.4. This update marks a significant improvement to Logic: Hard difficulty! The Normal and Hard difficulties use similar maps, but Hard lays the elements out differently to make the puzzles more difficult. We also added profiles to make it easier for multiple people to play their own way using the same copy of the game, and gave the menu system an overhaul. You can view the release notes here.

Version 1.1.3 Released - 10 May 2006

Version 1.1.3 is released! The major features and fixes for this include: support for Linux and Mac OSX 10.2+, improved multiplayer support for Booster, a hefty update to the difficulty of Logic, and quick saving/loading on Logic levels. For more information, head over to the downloads page. You can view the release notes here.

Progress Notes - 21 November 2005

We've been working hard on the next version of Booster Logic, which includes networking and record tracking upgrades. More exciting news is that we have Linux and Macintosh OSX versions compiled and running. Things are looking very good for a Mac and Linux release with our next patch.

Version 1.1.2 Released - 28 July 2005

The latest patch to Booster Logic fixes some bugs, updates some levels, and adds greater compatibility for lower-end graphics cards. We've released an installer for the new version, as well as a patch for v1.1 and v1.1.1, which can be found on the downloads page. You can view the release notes here.

Version 1.1.1 Released - 16 July 2005

We became aware of some issues in the version 1.1 release yesterday morning, so we have worked hard all day and produced a 1.1.1 patch. View the changelog here. Download the new version at the downloads page.

Version 1.1 Released - 15 July 2005

Version 1.1 is released! Along with various bug fixes, this release includes a powerful new map editor and comes hand in hand with a new community mapping section of the web site. The map editor can be used to create map packs which can be accessed when placed in the BoosterLogic/Maps directory. The web portal, here, can be used to upload the map packs to the community.

Only people who have purchased Booster Logic may load custom user maps or upload to the community maps site. To make use of this feature, we have included 40 maps (30 Booster and 10 Logic) titled "SB_Insane" with this release. "Insane" stands for the difficulty level. Hints are available if you can find them.

We will be focusing on expanding Booster Logic networking functionality for our next release, so you can look forward to many great new features!

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