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Introduction to Logic

Logic is a top-view puzzle game featuring its namesake. Logic the robot doesn't have great physical mobility, but he makes up for that with his enhanced intellect. Logic has been assigned to an even more complex environment than Booster.

Logic has over 400 levels, consisting of both single and multiscreen maps. Multiscreen maps can span up to five by five screens. Each single screen map is designed to present a unique puzzle or series of puzzles. The maps are paired as normal versions and hard versions with enhanced puzzles.

Completing a Logic level can take quite a while, which is why the game comes with a save feature. You can save your progress on a level and reload it at any time. While the save feature is handy for taking a break from the game, you can also save at critical decision points. If your path proves to be the wrong one you can use the saves to step back to an earlier point in the level and change your actions.

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Good Things

This section goes over some of the positive aspects of the area Logic is exploring.

Logic - This is Logic! Be sure to keep him alive. He's not very tough, but his intellect makes up for it.

Energy Core - These glowing spheres are necessary to power the console that opens up the teleporter to the next level.

Projector - Used as bridges over impassable or dangerous impressions in the floor.

Sled Run - These moving surfaces are for transporting things from one location to another.

Gravity Well - A hole in the floor with energy running through it, these behave somewhat like a conveyor, but Logic must stand on something inside them.

Item Pick Up - Useful items that Logic can collect and use for the current level.

Push Block - While this is an obstacle for Logic and others, only Logic is smart enough to try pushing on it.

Bad Things

Below is a description of some of the dangers you may encounter while playing as Logic.

Cleaner - This is a maintenance bot used to keep things clean. Don't get too close or it will "clean" you.

Hunter Cleaner - This is a maintenance bot used to keep things clean, but has been modified to also act as a security bot.

Electricity - A powerful line of electricity used to prevent trespassing.

Laser - Lasers are the ultimate in impassable security... unless something gets between you and the beam emitter.

Pit - An impassable, very deep hole.

Turret - An automated cannon that fires at anything that crosses its path.

Forcefield - These forcefields keep Logic out, but don't stop anything else.

Hunter - Faster and much more dangerous than Logic, these robots activate when the console button is pressed.

Ancient Hunter - Activated long ago, but never turned off, these aging Hunters are slower, but still hunt you down.

Security Turret - Twice the guns and twice as dangerous, these turrets activate when the console button is pressed.

Booster Logic
Booster Logic
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Booster Logic
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