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Introduction to Booster

Booster is a side-view action platformer featuring its namesake. Booster the robot is quick and agile, made for fast response and limited puzzle solving. He is assigned to test his abilities in the hostile setting of an old, forgotten factory.

Booster has over 600 levels, consisting of both single and multiscreen maps. Multiscreen maps can span up to five by five screens. Each single screen map is designed to take around 30 seconds on average, though achieving 100% completion can take considerably more time. The multiscreen maps can take much longer than that, as they can be up to 25 times the size of a single screen.

In the cooperative multiplayer mode, players can join games with up to seven others. Demo users are only able to host the demo levels, but a demo user can connect to a full-version host and play through the entire game.

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Good Things

This section goes over some of the positive aspects of the factories Booster is exploring.

Booster - This is Booster! Be sure to keep him alive. He's tough, but he can't handle everything.

Energy Core - These glowing spheres contain information Booster's superiors are looking for. Get them all, if you can.

Gravity Lift - They push, they pull. These gravity-controlling fields are used to transport heavy loads. Booster can hitch a ride on them, too.

Cart - Clinging to the surface and powered by the electricity it's resting on, these carts can help Booster reach removed areas. They can climb walls and ceiling.

Projector - These are hard hologram emitters. They provide make-shift flooring that overloads if given too much pressure, and disappears as a security measure when an unauthorized treader is detected.

Mainframe - Used anciently to process large amounts of data, these old machines are nothing more than giant paperweights now.

Launch Pad - An alternative to the gravity lifts, these pads were also used to transport heavy loads.

Conveyor - Originally used in production lines and transporting fragile loads, these old conveyors just don't know when to stop.

Teleporter - Only activating once the security robots have been deactivated, the teleporter will take you to the next section of the factories.

Bad Things

Below is a description of some of the dangers you may encounter while playing as Booster.

Electricity - Deadly to touch, electricity can only be crossed by jumping over it, or using a cart to pass over it safely.

Flamethrower - Too much heat for Booster to handle, flamethowers will make a mess out of him. Watch for the blue pilot light to know when it's going to turn on.

Laser - The ultimate in impassable security, lasers will prevent Booster's advance unless he can find a way to go around, or destroy them.

Shooter - This stationary turret packs enough of a punch to put Booster out of commission. Luckily their shots move slow enough that Booster can avoid them.

Walker - A mobile defense station, the walker has no long-range attacks. He does, however, have a deadly close range attack and is able to sense intruders in range behind him.

Pusher - Both a service robot and a defensive robot, the pusher is used to move and store large objects. It has a short range defense against intruders, much like the walker.

Booster Logic
Booster Logic
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Booster Logic
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